Torben III

Real Name:
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Torben acts very callous towards others; befitting his occupation of a mercenary. He seems completely unaffected by the chaos that the D-Bug Organization does, and only shows the slightest bit of remorse after being beaten by Alpha. In season 3 he returns to his older personality.


Torben has the ability to produce blue fire which he can summon and gather together to throw at foes. Due to his fire being stronger than Flamegirl's (Due to the Color Spectrum of Fire Attacks) he takes less damage from normal "red" fire attacks and his attacks can burn through a number of such attacks.

Role in the seriesEdit

Torben is the pointman for the D-Bug Organization II and for the Purple flame. For enough money he'll do anything including holding people at gunpoint and forcing them into TOME.


Creation InformationEdit

His Season 2 sprite was based off of BubbleMan.EXE from MegaMan Battle Network. His Season 3 sprites are based off Cold Man from Megaman & Bass.