The Wise Mankey
Real Name
Gregory Andrei Prytyka Jr.
Date of Birth
Jan 4th, 1986
Able to move at high speeds.

Roll in the SeriesEdit

Appearing in Season 1, The Wise Mankey is more of a cameo appearance then anything, usually speaking to the main characters from the background. He eventually makes another appearance as an opponent for Kirbopher15 for the Ranks of Sanctuary challenge against Dikayes.


From his name's sake, Wise Mankey is quite wise, but not willing to take too big of a chance, an example being of him trying to talk Kirbopher out of a battle with Sniperwave. Hes also mellow when it comes to speech, and rarely cracks jokes or fun with any other character, always having a serious look on his face. He's also quite perverted, shown when hes defeated by Kirb in the "Samurai Showdown" mini game from a Hentai Magazine, bloody nose included.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Wise Mankey only showed a tad of his potential in Season Three, showing to be the second fastest member of Dikayes' friends. He wields a wooden club wrapped in a sort of paper at the end, most likely useful for bludging attacks, though it seems he uses the weapon as a traditional Bokken (Wooden Training Sword) as well.

Creation InformationEdit

Wise Mankey's base was made from Dr. Wily's body and a Mankey's head pasted on top.