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TTA: The TOME Knights is a spin-off of TTA created by Dannydk6, with TailsClock used to being the co-creator.


After the third and last season of TTA was flashed and produced, the fans of the series created many Fan Forums in honor of the hard work and dedication of the young teenagers who made the series a reality. One of these Forum managers was TailsClock, an outspoken fan who adored the series and created the forum for such a purpose. The Forum eventually caught the eye of another user, Dannydk6, who came to TailsClock with an idea, an idea which changed the forum indefinitely. Danny suggested a script for a spin-off, a series which would branch off from the third season of TTA and continue on in a different approach than what was to happen in the actual series.

This event was going smoothly when suddenly, the forum died and TailsClock stopped checking his emails leaving Danny without any information. Eventually another TTA fan, Brocky, found the TTA Fan Forum and instantly signed up. Brocky managed to contact TailsClock and talked about the series with him, giving him some life back and going back to the forums, checking his emails and replying to Danny. TailsClock was so impressed by Danny's script and characters that he wished to help Danny with the idea and make it a reality, thus the first steps of creating The TOME Knights was set into motion.

TailsClock was assigned to start up sprites and the flashes while Dannydk6 was to perform more script work, while Brocky would help Danny with any little thing he could. However in time, Danny started working on the flashes when he saw that Tails was only taking up time.

Eventually, Danny completed three episodes of the spin-off series. Around the middle of the production of the third episode, the original creator of the TTA series, Christopher Niosi, was very displeased of the project and the fact TailsClock was going to make season 4, wanting to let it all go and suggest the fans do the same. After a long forum thread and discussion, they were given permission to do the spin-off, but must not make season 4 and be respectful to the original content.

A few weeks later, a user by the name of AngryRobot observed the project's production first hand, and deemed the work unacceptable, demanding a full rewrite of the script and characters in exchange for his sprite help. A couple months later, Tails began to waver from the project, and soon lost interest of the project, not wanting much to do with it. The duo of Dannydk6 and AngryRobot realized they were short of working hands, and recruited some talented members of the forum to help write and script.

They are now currently working on episode 1, spriting, and writing the story..