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is a collaborative website about TV Tome Adventures, a well made and long sprite Flash series. TOME (Terrain Of Magical Expertise) is a reboot/reworking of the original TTA series. Where TTA primarily used sprites (except in season finales and the TTA movie, which used vectors), TOME is fully animated and features a dedicated voice cast which includes the original creators/founders of TTA, as well as many cameos from famous internet personalities, some friends/family of the main crew, and even some fans. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create the site. Check out the enclosed instruction FAQ if you need help on getting started! Founded on by Kirbopher.

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Everythings essentially new since this Wiki hasn't been around for long. With help of the fans though this wiki will be able to do Kirbophers TTA justice and keep track of all TTA Fan Fiction, Fan made Manga, all TTA related flash and eventually the TTA spinoff code named: The Tome Knights. All support is appreciated.

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  • We'll want articles on every character. EVERY character.
  • There will be a huge amount to write about for each episode so please help out there too.