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T-Bones is one of the new users who appeared in Season Two, along with his friend Grounder. T-Bones eventually gets into a scuffle with Sojojo with Grounder in order to test an X-Cell Battle, but the two are defeated by the young spammer with the help of his Virus Fragment.

The Poke-Twosome soon enter the X-Cell tournament, and despite their heavy characters, manage to get through the Race Portion of the tournament. T-Bones is then paired up with Tormentros in the Double Battle part of the tournament against Grounder and Torben, where T-Bones and Tormentros are victorious, much to T-Bone's dislike. During the preliminaries, T-Bones faces against Tormentros in the single battles and is defeated by Tormentros' quick battle tactics.

After the tournament, T-Bones, Grounder, and a few new friends join the Main Cast in the D-Bug Organization's HQ, and plan to aid the crew in defeating the hackers, though usually get themselves into trouble.

In Season Three, T-Bones is used for backup against the horde of Shadow Users along with Grounder, lasting as long as they can against them, even as the purple flames spew across TOME.


T-Bones is a burly, confident, level headed user, and enjoys the heat of battle. Despite his muscular demeanor, he's actually quite friendly, giving him a sort of "Friendly Giant" role of the noob group that are usually together.


T-Bones is muscular and physically fit, holding super strength, an affinity for earth-based attacks, and being able to create shockwaves with a slam of his fist. His Hyper Beam attack packs a huge wallop if it makes direct contact with the target. He also has great defensive statistics.

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Hyper Beam-

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T-Bones' design is based off of Tyranitar.

T-Bones (TOME) Edit

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T-Bones S1

T-Bones from TOME

In TOME, T-Bones is still the large dinosaur looking user he was in TTA and still boasts the friendly demeanor he had before. He spends a lot of time with his friend Granda, another dinosaur looking user. T-Bones is a strong player who doesn't like to get into fights. He appears in The Gemini Tournament with Granda as his partner. They lose to Gamecrazed (and Nylocke, who spent the fight in a monologue) in the quarter-finals.

Role in the series Edit

T-Bones is a minor support character who serves as a friend to Alpha's crew.

Extra Information Edit

T-Bones is voiced by Andy Dennis, who also helped work on Dust: An Elysian Tail and Apotheon.