Real Name:
Voice Actor
John Fanning

Dustin Ingagolia (Episode 044)
First Appearance
14 - 16

Role in the SeriesEdit

A secondary character who was introduced in the First Season. Initially a newbie, he came off with a strong record, defeating twelve straight users in a row without breaking a sweat. Kirbopher15 appeared and challenged the user, defeating and breaking Sniper's record after a long fought battle. Sniperwave was initially excited to enter the Z-Tournament, and developed a short lived crush on one of the tournament's announcers, Foreva. Sniperwave fought up and defeated White Queen in the preliminaries, and was defeated by Nailock in the quarter finals.

In Season Two, he was given a new "Overworld" color of green, and showed up a few times through out the series, most notably as a contestant in the X-Games. He got through both the Race and RPG Doubles portion of the games, along with his partner of the RPG portion, Rob*. Sniper then fought against Rob* in the preliminaries of the Games, and lost to him.

In Season Three, he once again was repainted with Silver, and spent his time taking care of Shadow Users and comically chasing Sk8rboi through TOME.


Sniper is a casual gamer of sorts, not taking the game too seriously like other users. He's good-natured, kind, and rather straight forward in conversation. He also has a tendency to hold grudges, still remembering Sk8rboi from even a long time ago and starts chasing him like mad.


Sniperwave has the power over energy, able to let off spheres of raw power towards the opponent in a single blast. He also wields a large armory of bombs, shells, and other weapons, even a giant beam attack. Almost all of Sniper's attacks have a Target Crosshair involved, used for more accurate shots and attacks. And also sports a super speedy Dash Attack.

Attacks Edit

Homing Sniper-

M Cannon-


Rocket Boost-

Creation InformationEdit

Sniperwave is a mash-up of various net navis from Megaman Battle Network. He uses Airman.exe's body, Colorman.exe's Ball, and Searchman.exe's Sniper Rifle. His original voice actor was Jon "Yamato" Fanning with the exception of one episode where Dustin "Uratapu" had filled in for him because Kirbopher had misplaced the original audio files.

Sniperwheel (TOME) Edit

Sniperwheel S1

Sniperwheel from TOME

Personality Edit

In TOME, Sniperwave got a slight redesign and name change from his TTA counterpart. In his new iteration, Sniperwheel is a bigshot competitive gamer who like to show off. He's extraordinarily arrogant and relies heavily on his powerful but flawed Headcannnon.

Role in the series Edit

Sniperwheel is a supporting character who helps develop Kirbopher and other supporting characters who develop other main cast characters. He serves as a rival to pretty much everyone, as he likes to fight everyone and everything that moves.

Extra Information Edit

Sniperwheel is voiced by Jon "JonTron" Jafari, who is known for work on Yooka-Laylee and A Hat in Time. His internet persona, JonTron, is also extremely popular among the gaming community.