Real name:
Voice Actor
Meghan Hartie
First Appearance
13 - 15

Role in the SeriesEdit

SaturnDiva is a secondary character appearing in all three seasons. In Season One, she's Gamecrazed's love interest and friend to the main cast. She also enters the Z Tournament and loses in the preliminaries against Gamecrazed himself.

In Season Two, Sat becomes a sort of teacher for new users, teaching basics of combat and the game itself, notably teaching Grounder and T-Bones at the beginning. She eventually enters the X-Games, completing the Race Round of the competition and is paired with Splat in the RPG Doubles portion, the two are defeated by Kirbopher15 and White Queen.

Season Three she is usually paired with White Queen, defeating a few Shadow Users along with her, eventually spazzing out when she defeats a Shadow User (with the help of Pheatus), being the first opponent she had beaten on screen.


SaturnDiva is chipper and always has a smile on her face. Even in battle she has as much fun as she can from the situation, except when trouble is involved. She can easily become hyperactive from winning battles, helping herself to brag and squeal about her victory.


Sat is an expert of blade combat, sporting two blades on her arms and disks she can let lose towards the foe from a distance. She also has a defensive shield technique to defend herself from damage, like most users. The only draw back with her abilities is Sat's attacks are always above ground, and cannot aim upwards or downwards to attack, making ground-based traps and high flying foes a hazard to her.

Attacks Edit



Long Slash-

Wide Slash-

Creation Information Edit

Saturn's base is Roll.EXE from the Megaman Battle Network series, and a small visual styling from the Gerudos of the Zelda series.

Saturndiva (TOME) Edit

Personality Edit

Saturndiva S1

Saturndiva from TOME (Season 1)

In TOME, SaturnDiva keeps pretty much everything besides her attitude, which went from excited and chipper to rather moody and sassy. Saturndiva spends most of her time with Whyti, gossiping and engaging in combat. Throughout TOME, she has this grumpy disposition, and this is seen very clearly in Episode 8: Gemini Tournament Yin, where she up and attacks one of the commentators with a full on tackle, throwing both of them out of the arena, and throwing the match in the process.

Role in the series Edit

Saturndiva is another supporting character, meant to help develop Flamegirl as a character. In the show, she is almost like a friendly rival, helping Flamegirl build up her combat skills in the Gemini Tournament.

Extra Information Edit

Saturndiva is voiced by Sarah Williams, who also did work on Skullgirls and League of Legends.