Real Name
Voice Actor
Robert Innes
First Appearance
18 - 20

Rob* Edit


(Kirb's point of view) -THE ORIGINAL- “Rob*”, which I pronounced in my head as “Robstar”, didn’t have much to speak of in regards to TvTome Adventures. He was much more recurring in terms of the secondary characters, thanks to his role as a pseudo-moderator in his mansion, but otherwise I can’t place anything quite that remarkable about him. His whole gimmick was “I’m British”, but considering I didn’t even know how to -write- British at the time, you could barely tell.

-THE NEW- So, considering it was impossible to tell he was British at all, I decided to extrapolate on that and make it his focal point. I turned the dial up on his sheepishness way up and ended up with something quite endearing. “Asterob” (which is a cross between Asterisk + Rob) with his new look and personality was very heavily inspired by his new voice, Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson, who we all often pick on for being the most overly-apologetic-yet-adorable Brit. Some of Rob’s new visual things I had come up with prior to casting, but the hat and glasses were definitely last-minute additions inspired by Masako to add to the timidness. His role this time wasn’t so different from TTA either: a programmer sub-contracted by the administrators to design and oversee production on the mansion built for ;Lavendera. Since our heroes were able to find this “secret” under-construction area without much trouble, I chalked it up to Rob’s general clumsiness. This is one character revamp I’m proud of more so than the others.


Role in the seriesEdit

Rob* is the unofficial master of Edo Maze. He has no modding powers to speak of aside from his Asterisk Shield and often supports Alpha and his team in any way he can.



Rob* (season 1)

  • Mini Bomb: Throws a mini bomb across the field in an arc
  • Asterisk Shield: Defensive technique. Uses shield to absorb damage from all but physical attacks and converts the data into either EXP or energy for another attack.
  • Olympian Discus:

Creation InformationEdit