Raccoon (season 2)

Role in the Series Edit

Raccoon poses as one of the many hackers that works for D-Bug Org, and, as such, is considered an antagonist early on.

Personality Edit

Raccoon is almost constantly hyper, using forms of "l33t" to get his messages across, the only ones who really can understand him are Kirbopher15 and the D-Bug Organization. He can be extremely impatient at times, which leads to his downfall in battle.

Abilities Edit

Raccoon holds mostly quick physical abilities, allowing his speed and technical style to get the better of his opponents. These include whipping up a tornado around him and tackling the foe, unleashing a charged punch, digging into the ground then jumping out and tackling, gliding, preforming spin dashes and throwing exploding rocks. In season 2 when he's at a desperate state, Raccoon summons up power from the Virus Fragment to transform into a large, demonic version of himself, increasing power and defense by ten fold, with the price of Raccoon becoming unconscious.

Attacks Edit

Rock Bomb-

Glide Dash-

Creation Information Edit

The sprite for Raccoon is based off of the Tails sprite from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and 3, just recolored red and missing the nose.

Rockoon (TOME) Edit

Rockoon S1

Rockoon from TOME (Season 1)

Personality Edit

In TOME, Rockoon gets a name change and a slight redesign in his character, but keeps the same overall lack of intelligence and bad attitude. He has a bit of a smart mouth and he suffers quite a bit for it.

Role in the series Edit

Rockoon is one of the many recurring villains in the show, having two separate accounts in the first season and returning momentarily for the second. He is one of the first hackers to work for D-Buggers.Org.

Extra Information Edit

Rockoon is voiced by Deven Mack Jr., who is also known for their work on Beyblade: Metal Fusion and Grossology.