Role in the SeriesEdit

Prismaya is one of the contestants of the Z-Tournament. She fights her way up to the preliminary rounds where she faces against Rob*, and is soundly defeated by a powerful finisher move.



Prismaya with Aura Shield

Prismaya is very refined and polite, making pleasant conversation with Rob* before their match. She is also quite competitive when she battles, using all that she has in reserves in the fight against her opponent. On season 2 she fought in the X-games with Megzheartcho against Rob* and Sniperwave and was defeated.


Prismaya has the ability over Magic, mainly summoning stars to deal damage to the opponent. Her signature ability is her Aura Shield, which covered her entire body to defend from attacks.


Aura Shield: Defensive technique, surrounds self with rainbow aura

Star Blast: Fires a star from her hand towards the foe. Can be fired consecutively and in different patterns.

Rapid Strike: Strikes a front panel with multiple stabs from her staff.

Star Rain: Prismaya's super attack. She clonks her staff to the ground as a barrage of stars fall from the sky, ending the attack with a much larger star that follows after.

Creation InformationEdit

Prismaya is a character belonging to Christina M. Warren, created for her webcomic, Prismatic Star. Her inclusion into TTA is the result of winning a TTA fanart contest.


Prismaya has yet to appear in TOME:Terrain of Magical Expertise, however, it has been speculated that Emi has been fulfilling her role.