All of Alpha's along with the attacks of all the shadow users he absorbed


Phaxal is the shadow Alpha when he absorbs enough shadow users.


When he is introduced he acts very cryptic and acts with a more manipulative attitude, quietly biding his time until it's just right. After absorbing the shadow Zetto his personality changes drastically, becoming very egotistical and selfish, with no regard for life at all, while retaining his manipulative attitude, albeit to a lessened degree. Overall, he is a master manipulator and will gladly stab anyone in the back if it will help him in any way.


He originally started with only Alpha's attacks and abilities, but after absorbing other Shadow Users, he gained their abilities too. Among the absorbed Shadow Users he has taken the powers of the shadows of; Gamecrazed, Raccoon, Neomutant, Sniperwave, Rob*, White Queen, DemonKing, T-Bones, Hamstar, Orbit, Darkblazer, Kinetix, Dikayes, AKAKK, MysteryX, PaperAceChase and finally Zetto.

Role in the seriesEdit

He was spawned along with all of the other shadow users after the infection of the Supercomputer by the D-Bug Virus. When he is introduced, it's made especially clear that he was different as he was the only one that had the ability to speak. After being promptly beaten, he is saved by a member of the Purple Flame, where he reluctantly becomes a member at the promise of more shadows to absorb. After absorbing an enormous amount of shadows he finally makes his move after the shadow Zetto appears and promptly absorbs that one to. After that he becomes as he says "Whole" and no longer a shadow, declaring himself now Phaxal, as it's the first thing that came to mind for him. He aids the Purple Flame during their trip throughout the maze to Motherboard, only to stab the rest of them in the back when the time was right. He later appears to give a cryptic message to Kirbopher, Flamegirl, and the rest, and never appears again.