The Netkings are the creators of TOME, there are 6 in total with 2 of them as the leaders of The D-Bug Org's I & II. They are: Blitz128, Kindarspirit, Webmaster, Zetto, Rubyrulz, and EXE. They also have a challenge that if you defeat 1 of the Netkings you have to take on the rest, (this challenge was apprantly made by EXE).

Role in the Series:Edit

The Netkings make there first apperance in Season 1 where they send Alpha, Kirbopher15, Flamegirl, Gamecrazed, and Nailock to the Path of the Netkings to take on the rest of them. It is later reaveled that it was because they defeated Zetto that they had to take on the rest of the Netkings. They then send Alpha and his group to :Purplecave Region to destroy Kagemamoru.