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In Season 1 of TTA, Neomutant is passionate in battle and love, with an intense rivalry against Alpha. However in Season 2, he feels responsible for the harm the The D-Bug Org II has caused to other players and so gives Alpha's team a way into the D-bug headquarters.
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Neomutant in TTA


Neomutant is first introduced in Season 1 of TTA, episode 11. He was originally part of the D-Bug Organization but left the group with Demon King, saying that he was in love with Flamegirl. One of the more powerful characters in the game, in Season 1 he is one of Alpha's archrival for Flamegirl's attention, making it into the top 16 in the Z-Tournament. In Season 2, he begins to seem more caring for other players in the game and a set of morals along with a feeling of responsibility.

Abilities Edit


Neomutant's attacks seem to be lightning based, able to shoot tiles with lightning from the sky along with surrounding himself with an electrical field. However, he also has a unique ability to create clones of himself to do his bidding, similar to the moderator of the purplecave region, Anidoug.

Creation InformationEdit

His sprites were based on ???. He is voiced by Chris "CZ-Backlash" Zito.

Neomutant (TOME)Edit

Personality Edit

In TOME, Neomutant keeps the same name and design as before, and has the same passion for Flamegirl as he did in TTA. Neomutant is a Spanish-American young man who went to school with Flamegirl in real life, and has some very stereotypical charm that comes with it. He appears in Episode 7: Infectuation to presumably cause trouble for Alpha and Flamegirl. As it turns out, Neomutant is actually there to trigger The Forbidden Power so that he may see if the Anti-Virus inside of Flamegirl's character model actually works.

Role in the series Edit

Neomutant serves as one of the many hackers that work for D-Buggers.

Extra Infromation Edit

Neomutant is voiced by Chris Guerrero, who is also known for his work on Dragon Ball Z: Abridged and Freedom Planet 2.
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Neomutant from TOME (Season 1)