God-like control over all of TOME

Motherboard is kind of an answers-questions blog or a digital entity that resides in the supercomputer and basically is the core of the world of TOME itself.


While Motherboard only appeared once, from what can be observed she seems very kind and innocent, not wanting harm to come to any of the users or the world.

Role in the SeriesEdit

Helped the Netkings seal away the Kagemameto.

Was possessed by the D-bug virus and thus created the shadow users that ultimately formed Phaxal. Eventually is defeated in battle by AlphaZet but the D-bug virus prevents any other users from being able to get near her, except for Gamecrazed [DBUG].

Aside from this she is the ultimate processing power for the TOME universe, simultaneously processing all the thoughts and actions of all users whilst maintaining the environment such as ;Purplecave/;Lavendara, ;Mechvalley/;Mechcity and ;Sanctuary.