Kirbopher15 III by Kirbopher15

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Chris Niosi
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Kirbopher1111 by Kirbopher15


Early on, Kirbopher acted as the leader of the main cast of characters. Although this role was taken over by Alpha, Kirbopher still acts as leader when he is not around. As such, he has been a part of virtually every major battle that has taken place in the series. He is also the only main character to defeat two Netkings, beating Webmaster and EXE. He also was the container for the D-Bug virus, which would manifest itself whenever he came into contact with anything in the game with the code 1111.

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As Kirbopher is about equal to Alpha in strength, he is one of the few characters that can claim to be the strongest character in the game. Most of his techniques revolve around swordplay and magic. Kirbopher also has a hidden power. When coming across any code in the game comprised of 1111, cutting it gives him an immense increase in power, consisting of new moves, stronger attacks, increased speed, and short-term invincibility. It is these powers that enabled him to defeat the Netkings. It was later discovered that this power came from the D-Bug virus, which was contained in his character.

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Ice Shard-

Dust Tornado-

Aerial Strike-

Split Screen-

Giant Ice Shard-


Ice Bomb-

Killer Black Ice Tornado-

Gan Tornado-

Hail Storm-

Thunder Pulse-

Creation Information Edit

Kirbopher15's model is based off of Kirby from Kirby's Adventure, just with the addition of Link's hat and sword from The Legend of Zelda.

Kirbopher (TOME) Edit

Personality Edit

In TOME, Kirbopher15 gets a name change to Kirbopher. He also receives a huge overhaul in character design, going from the white Kirby with a hat and sword to an imp creature with tattered clothing. Kirbopher is an angry and irritable player on the Terrain, but has tons of experience in the game. He spends a lot of his time logged in around Lavendera; but can be seen occasionally walking through Mechcity;. Kirbopher is also a little strange, being the only character of the main 5 to never be seen attempting to lend a hand to the resistance against the hackers (excluding at the end of Episode 1: You've Gotta Virus, where Kirbopher suddenly shows up and slices the hacker Rockoon in half with his sword.). It is later revealed that Kirbopher is under the possession of two accounts, the other being Zetto.

Kirbopher S1

Kirbopher from TOME (Season 1)

Role in the series Edit

Kirbopher acts as the bridge between Zetto and Alpha, being that he is Kirbopher and Zetto. He is basically the mastermind behind the entire project that is getting rid of the forbidden power.

Extra Information Edit

Kirbopher is voiced by Christopher "Kirbopher" Niosi, the creator of TTA, TOME and many animated shorts on Newgrounds and YouTube. He is also known for being an artist and musician, as well as a writer and storyboard artist.