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Kalasu Angel (Originally known as Tormentros) is a villain from TTA introduced in season 2 as a new member of the D-Bug II Organization, he grows increasingly malicious as the show went on, as he later joined the Purpleflames in their quest for power.



Kalasu Angel as Tormentros.

When originally introduced he acts rather callous, and only does what he does for the money, much like Torben, however as the series progresses, he grows to like his job and grows increasingly sadistic and lavishes in the pain of others, this attitude grows even further after using multiple virus fragments and permanently gaining Demon Form.

Role in the Series:Edit

Tormentros is introduced early on in season 2 as a member of the newly resurrected D-Bug Org II, simply as a henchman much like many of the hackers from season one. During the X-Games he is the only hacker to make it to the semi-finals before being brutally beaten by Zetto in a match. He later reports to the others about the antivirus after observing Alpha using it. During another push from the organization, he uses multiple virus fragments to attain Demon Form and increases in power exponentially before drawing more power and accidentally resurrecting Kagemamoru (albeit in a much less powerful form known as Kajetokun.) For his new permanent transformation, he gets a promotion, and leads the defense during Alpha's final crusade against the organization, only to fail ultimately. He appears again in season 3 (now known as Kalasu Angel) as a member of the Purple Flame, albeit very bitter at his orders to stay on the sidelines, only taking enthusiasm in jobs that involve destruction. During the finale, he bails after having to face the Ranks of Sanctuary, voicing his opinion of them being a lost cause. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Creation Information:Edit

His sprite is based off of MagicMan.EXE from Megaman Battle Network.

Demon Tormentros

Demon Tormentros