Giga as he appears in Episode 73

He is a Special Agent of the U.S. Government, Cyber Protectorite Department, sent to TOME to investigate illegal technology that allowed people in the real world to be affected by virtual actions. His character is modded by the Netkings, giving him mod powers almost as great as a Netking, and making him very powerful.


Giga has grey, spiky hair with a fringe parted in the centre and black stripes beneath each of his eyes. His body glows purple. He normally wears a golden-brown cloak over his body.


Giga is very calm and collected. He is good at keeping a secret, and has a strong sense of justice.

He is rather task-focused and diligent as well, as he appears to spare no time in achieving his goal through TOME.

Giga is also notably friendly and polite, although he does not commonly involve with people unless necessary, due to a preference to not interfere with others' business.


Underneath his gold cloak Giga's body is made up of pure laser, just like all of his attacks are. He can draw the energy from his body and use it to make many kinds of weapons, or simply fire it as a projectile. He seems to either be very fast or have teleportation powers.

Role in the seriesEdit

For a long time he was a mysterious character, appearing only to interrupt Alpha and Zetto's battles to try to gather information on the viruses. Later on at the end of season 2 he reveals his identity and arrests most of the hackers. During season 3 he is captured and forced to use his powers to aid the enemy. He was also briefly in the TTA movie to help Kirbopher15 out.


  • Giga Wave: Basic laser-like projectile that can be shot in waves of three.
  • Giga Blast: Creates two cannons that shoot Giga Waves in groups of three.
  • Giga Slash: Slash attack that covers six panels and allows the user to come from behind
  • Giga Cannon: Giant beam attack that covers an entire row of panels
  • Giga Crush: Giant energy bomb that can cover all the panels on the opponents’ side on impact.

Creation InformationEdit

His sprites were based on bass.exe from the Megaman Battle Network series. He is voiced by Edwyn "Ohmadon" Tiong.


The theme song that plays numerous times when Giga fights in Season 2 is the final boss music from Megaman Battle Network 4. Some consider this to be Giga's theme song, as Kirbopher may have chosen it for this purpose when producing the series.

In the final episode of TOME, Giga makes an appearance with a new look. Edwyn "Ohmadon" Tiong returned to voice him, making him the only TTA voice actor to resume his original role.