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Season 1Edit

Something's Race: The BeginningEdit

Z TournamentEdit

Path of the NetkingsEdit

Season 2Edit

D-Bug Organization IIEdit

X-Games CompetitionEdit

Infiltration MissionEdit

Season 3Edit

Ranks of SanctuaryEdit


Season 4Edit

season 4 opening - it's not much but it's the bit of season 4 we haveEdit


  • Movie 1 The Ultimate Battle (Takes place after episode 47)

Tome EpisodesEdit

Season 1Edit


  • Short 01- Hackers
  • Short 02- Welcome to TOME
  • Short 03- Nylocke's day off
  • Short 04- Minigame Madness
  • Short 05- Rockoon's Modern Strife
  • Short 06- The Legend of Nylocke
  • Short 07- Plan Z