Writer: Kirbopher

Characters Introduced.


Last time on TTA, Gamecrazed and his little brother Gamecrasher, went for a visit to the Edo Labyrinth. There they had a close encounter with GC's old enemy, Splat, who had come back to seek revenge for her defeated brother once again. After getting out of her slimey trap, she retreated with Tormentros and officially joined the D-Bug Ranks. But there's no time to deal with them...for a foe who's proven to be even more dangerous than the hackers...IS BACK.


We start in :mechvally, likely at night given the shadowing, and hear a user log in followed this unknown person saying that they've been away for what feels like an eternity. The usr races across the screen so fast that it's hard to tell who they are for sure before the scene changes to three users talking fighting games where we see the shadowed person run across the screen and turn around to stand behind the group. This time they're still for long enough for us to see a clear outline as they taunt the pack of newbies into attacking the shadowed user which quickly leads to their deaths at the business end of a gatling gun. After the slaughter the user leaves the scene saying that they'll wait however long it takes until someone arrives, but who could they be waiting for?

In :purplecave we see the end of a battle between Tsuzuku and GameCrasher. After Crash gets beaten Gamecrazed looks