Series Name
Season 1, Episode 010
Air date September 14, 2004
Written by Kirbopher
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Episode 009
Episode 011
New Characters Introduced: Zetto

Overview Edit

On the last episode of TTA, Kirbopher15 looked back at hist strange transformation into Kirbopher1111. After some consult with White Queen, he soon joined the others in a new training area, where an operative of D-Bug was hiding in the shadows, and released a hoard of viruses on our heroes. The strange voice in Alpha's head instructed him to absorb the viruses, and then had him become a strange demonic form of his character, who quickly wasted Kirbopher15 to deletion...

Synopsis Edit

The episode opens up with a new character looking over :purplecave, known as Zetto. He's looking for the greatest fighters in the region to compete against. Alpha and Flamegirl arrive immediately upon seeing him. Alpha wants to take him on, but after Flamegirl points out that he's been registered since literally forever, he seemingly abstains. Zetto restates himself, asking for anybody with enough nerve to come and fight him. Another user comes from out of nowhere and decides to test his mettle against the user who's been on since the beginning of time. Gamecrazed arrives on the scene, and Alpha wants to get a piece of Zetto, but the other user, who goes by "Swordicon", tells him otherwise. A grid loads up, and Swordicon and Zetto prepare to battle.

In the midst of battle, Zetto lands many direct hits, but they all phase through Swordicon. Zetto gets a hold of Swordicon and it's revealed that he's really Kirbopher15, back from the dead. Kirbopher points out that EXP means nothing in comparison to real skill. The battle rages on. Zetto hits Kirbopher with a ton of bullets, and seemingly wins the battle. However, Kirbopher vanishes and appears above Zetto and gets a massive hit on him, ending the battle with a victory for Kirbopher.

After the battle ends, Zetto observes that Kirbopher was the only one with the guts to challenge him, to which Alpha retorts immediately. Kirbopher says that Apha is stronger than he is, and would make a better opponent fro Zetto. He also states that GC and Flamegirl are just as powerful as himself, which neither of them take lightly. Zetto offers to fight them all in a tournament, which he cleverly names "The Z Tournament". Zetto flees the scene, leaving the four heroes to ponder.