Series Name
Season 1, Episode 009
Air date September 14, 2004
Written by Kirbopher
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Overview Edit

On the last episode of TTA, Kirbopher, Alpha and the others were busy sparring for the battle in the main forum. When Alpha and Kirbopher fought with each other however, a strange power awakened when Kirbopher reached 1111 EXP. He transformed into a maniacal Dark version of himself, and Kirb was covered in new power. With Alpha's words he managed to bring his friend back to normal, but today Alpha has much bigger things to worry about...

Synopsis Edit

Kirbopher is seen in :purplecave, mulling over the day when he was under the influence of the "power" he received during his battle with Alpha. While he was thinking, White Queen appears to check on Kirb. White Queen informs Kirbopher that Gamecrazed told her about the occurrence and that it's not Kirb's fault. Kirb retaliates and says that it was completely his doing and that he wasn't under anybody else's control but his own, where he proceeds to leave. White Queen follows closely behind.

Meanwhile, Flamegirl, Alpha, and Gamecrazed are in a different area of :purplecave, training for further defense against hackers. Alpha tells the group to quiet down, as Kirbopher is coming. Kirb and White Queen arrive, and White Queen leaves the group. Kirbopher asks the group what's going on with the new area, and they proceed to have a normal conversation, which includes a question about why Flamegirl would be training for anything when Alpha is already serving as a bodyguard.

Meanwhile, the shadow of an unknown user is watching over the four friends in conversation and is told to release some viruses their way. He humbly obliges. a swarm of training dummies approach Alpha and his group. Kirbopher decides to take them down, but Alpha jumps ahead and goes for them alone. As he approaches the dummies, he hears a familiar voice telling him to absorb the viruses. He does it against his will, and something seems to come over Alpha. The voice he hears takes control of him.

Kirbopher and the others panic a little bit at the site of Alpha, now considerably darker than before. Without hesitation, Alpha grabs Kirbopher from a distance. The voice tells Alpha to delete Kirbopher to gain more power, and against Kirb's pleas to do otherwise, Alpha spares no other words and erases Kirbopher. Gamecrazed, enraged at Alpha's actions, places themselves in a Grid Battle.

GC makes a couple of quick attacks, which Alpha dodges without effort. Alpha throws a multitude of discus attacks his way and ensnares GC in the same trap he had Kirb in earlier. GC manages to break out and deal a good blow to Alpha, seemingly knocking the controller out of him. Alpha, enraged at the voices and himself, apologizes to Kirbopher, wherever he may be.

To Be Continued...