New Characters Introduced: Ravenfreak

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Series Name
Season 1, Episode 006
Air date August 29, 2004
Written by Kirbopher
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Episode 005
Episode 007
On the last episode of TTA, Sniperwave the newest user to TOME came and won a large number of battles against other characters. Kirbopher stepped up and challenged him to battle and eventually triumphed after using his super attack to deliver the final blow. But while the others were preoccupied with the match, Flamegirl was willingly kidnapped! A new agent from the D-Bug Org, disguised as Alpha, tricked her into a secret tunnel, and Nailock and Demon King arrived too late. What will befall her now...


Episode 006 begins close to where Episode 005 ended, Nailock and DemonKing arriving to late to save Flamegirl. After his outrage, Alpha demands that Nailock tell him where Flamegirl is. All the while, DemonKing talks to himself about why Alpha is the one who the D-Bug.Org people want.

The camera cuts to Saturndiva and White Queen talking about Sniperwheel, Gamecrazed and Kirbopher15 and their mission to find Alpha and Flamegirl. Moving to the trio of Kirb, GC and Sniperwheel, they move closer to the location of Alpha and his cohorts. Kibopher is worried that something has happened, and they move quicker to the edge of Mech Valley.

The fake Alpha and Flamegirl move further into the dark hallway. Here, the fake Alpha reveals himself to be the D-Bug's "RavenFreak". He traps Flamegirl and lies in wait for Alpha to rescue her.

Meanwhile, Alpha uses his new power to open the hidden door, to Nailock's and DemonKing's surpirse. Alpha rushes in as Kirbopher and his party arrive. They all move in after trampling Nailock.

Alpha arrives on the scene, and he and RavenFreak exchange a few words before loading up a grid. In the battle, RavenFreak has a high advantage switching between all of Alpha's friends, including Flamegirl. This throws him off a lot. This also infuriates him, as this unleashes his Super Move. He defeats RavenFreak with it instantaneously.

The camera returns to the large group of friends, with Alpha returning. They leave the cave and head back to Mech Valley.


  • First time Alpha has used his Super move