Series Name
Season 1, Episode 004
Air date August 28, 2004
Written by Kirbopher
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New Characters Introduced: Nailock, SaturnDiva


On the last episode of TTA, Alpha and GC faced off against the evil Raccoon and BlingBling from the D-Bug Organization. Alpha Easily ripped through Raccoon, but GC was on the verge of deletion while Kirbopher was missing from the fight. But Alpha returned and reset the two hackers' EXP to 0 rendering them quite vulnerable to their former victims. Now Alpha and GC have returned from the battle scene and are greeted by their good friends, but a new member of the D-Bug Org is on his way...


The episode opens with a player being terrorized by the new hacker threat, DemonKing. He is searching for Alpha and is interrogating this player for answers. After getting nothing, he attempts to destroy the player, but is interrupted by another new face, Nailock. After some comedic bickering, the two enter a battle grid and battle it out.

After some close maneuvers by both Nailock and DemonKing, the battle ends with Nailock as the victor. DemonKing leaves Nailock and the player who was being beaten up as well as a random spectator. Nailock leaves them and the scene cuts to a new character in Mech Valley.

SaturnDiva, the newest addition to the cast, stands alone, unaware that Gamecrazed is gazing at her from a distance, accompanied by Kirbopher15, Alpha and Flamegirl. Flamey tells GC to go ask her out, and GC goes for it, disregarding Kirb's point about the fact that SaturnDiva might be a guy. Kirb makes a joke at Alpha and Flamey's relationship, and Alpha chases him after he runs off.