Series Name
Season 1, Episode 003
Air date August 26, 2004
Written by Kirbopher
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New Characters Introduced: DemonKing

Overview Edit

On the last episode of TTA, Raccoon and BlingBling began another attack on the TOME forum. With Kirbopher missing in action because of an old friend, GC went to face them alone, until Alpha showed up with new confidence. What is this strange new power that Alpha managed to find in a room that no one else could see? And what exactly are the two spammers looking for in this virtual world?

Synopsis Edit

The episode begins with Alpha giving the hackers one last warning to get off the forums. They refuse, telling the duo of heroes that they won't leave until they find what they're looking for. Alpha contains what they want, but he gets impatient and fights Raccoon. Victory seems certain for Alpha at this point, so the focus goes to Gamecrazed and BlingBling, who are about to battle it out in the confines of Mech Valley instead of on a grid. They bicker for a bit before getting into it. Meanwhile, Kirbopher and White Queen discuss a way of tackling the hackers and overhear that Alpha and Gamecrazed are taking on the two hackers in Mech Valley. They decide to follow the crowd going to see the fight.

Gamecrazed and BlingBling continue to fight and bicker. In the midst of combat, Raccoons body is thrown into the middle of the skirmish, which had almost ended in BlingBling's victory. Alpha, who did quite a number on Raccoon, threatens BlingBling with the same punishment that he gave his accomplice, which is essentially banning. He has also dropped both Raccoons and BlingBling's EXP to 0. Gamecrazed and Alpha leave them to be beaten up by the players they tormented.

In the next scene, Kirbopher15 and White Queen find Flamegirl, who has been standing motionless for quite some time now. Alpha and Gamecrazed walk in at about the same time, and the five of them move to the forum.

Later, two new characters, one unnamed and unkown, and the other, DemonKing, talk over the results of the other two hackers' findings. The unknown user sends DemonKing on a hunt to look for Alpha.


  • This is the first sight of a one on one battle to occur inside and outside of a grid between users.