Series Name
Season 1, Episode 001
Air date August 25, 2004
Written by Kirbopher
Episode Guide
Episode 002

New Characters Introduced: Alpha, Kirbopher15,Gamecrazed, Raccoon, BlingBling, and Flamegirl.

Overview Edit

It is the year 2020, technology has reached a huge peak thanks to a computer scientist. Forums have become a whole new online experience where virtual reality has become practically a way of life. In this virtual forum world called "TOME" where users create their own character, with skills and attributes to battle with other users aside from just talking, but all is not the old saying goes, where good exists, there will always ultimately be evil. Miraculously, it all started with a user named...Alpha.

Synopsis Edit

The episode begins with Alpha, the main character, logging into TOME for the first time. He walks through TOME, noticing not many people are logged in. He then runs into a user named Mank who doesn't let him go to an area of TOME. Another user, AkumaTheHedgehog, runs up and tells Mank and Alpha that "Kirb and GC are at it again!" Mank goes on to say that they'll end up getting deleted, but had to admire there persistence.

We then cut off to Kirbopher15 and Gamecrazed as they walk into :mechvalley. They debate for a short bit on whether or not they should go and take care of two users causing trouble in mechvalley. They ultimately leave it be after Gamecrazed notifies Kirbopher15 of the existence of a new player, Alpha, who Kirbopher15 believes to be a reinforcement. Meanwhile, Alpha meets Flamegirl, another user hanging out in the chat room area of TOME. They talk for a bit before Kirbopher15 interrupts and attacks Alpha. Flamegirl calls him off, telling him that Alpha is not one of the problematic players. Kirbopher15 decides to bring Alpha into the chaos that is their long running conflict with the hackers.

Trivia Edit

  • Every character's user ID had 7 digits in it, apart from Flamegirl who had 8.