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Date of Birth
Control over three elements: Fire, Ice and Lightning

Role in the SeriesEdit

EXE is one of the Netkings, and one of the strongest next to Zetto. He is the last Netking to be fought in the "Realm of the Netkings", fighting against Kirbopher15 and eventually being defeated by the marshmallow. He along with the other Netkings were responsible for sealing up the deadly virus guardian Kagemamoru.

In Season two, he is revealed to be responsible for finding the Forbidden Power and attempting to control it on his own, by fusing the virus with TOME's super computer. EXE also reveals that he too was injured from Kagemamoru back when he and the Netkings sealed it, having the same craving for power Zetto has, but to a more violent extent. However the virus is defeated and EXE along with other accomplices are arrested or placed into community service.

At the near end of Season Three, EXE returns under police surveillance along with Zetto, and help Alpha and Webmaster traverse around the maze like area of the Super Computer to find Motherboard.


Brash, cunning and bold, EXE seemed to be the more well put together and mature of the group, next to Webmaster. As the series progresses he is shown to be mildly psychotic and power hungry, wanting the Forbidden Power all to himself, so no one can stand up to him. However, he seems to have mellowed out during his time in prison prior to his appearance in season 3, as well as showing great concern over the fate of Motherboard.


EXE once held the power to harness the main three elements, Fire, Ice and Electricity. Depending on what color his character is showing, he will use the primary element of choice (If colored red, he will use fire, if colored blue, he will use ice, etc...). To compensate for this, EXE also can split his body into three variations of himself, each one holding a single element for them to use separately at once, making devastating combinations. After the D-Bug incident, EXE had stated that his powers and adminship were taken away when he was arrested, making him basically helpless to defend from attack.

Creation InformationEdit

EXE's sprite was based and edited from the villain of Megaman X, Sigma; more specifically from X5.