Demon King

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Role in the SeriesEdit

DemonKing was a member of the D-Bug Organization, mostly dealing with recon-based missions. He was sent to find Alpha and was in the middle of roughly interrogating a user about his whereabouts, until Nailock appeared and defeated him, which sparked a change in him, especially witnessing Alpha's power first hand with his battle between him and his partner, Ravenfreak. DemonKing soon enters the Z-Tournament and faces Nailock once again, showing great improvement but still comes up short in the end. Afterwords he quits with D-Bug Org. along with Neomutant.

DemonKing was briefly shown in Season Two, about to fight Nailock in a long waited rematch until the episode ended, where no winner was shown.

In Season Three, DemonKing himself does not make an appearance, but a Shadow User variation of him does. The shadow was then captured by Tormentros, and fed to Shadow Alpha.


DemonKing is quite blunt and boring with the way he speaks, his typing skills lacking as well as his drama. He does have a sense of honor and nobility, and also has a knack for combat, enjoying his battles with his one and only rival, Nailock. Soon his typing improves and even becomes a bit more dramatic, leaving him almost the same as the rest of the cast.


DemonKing uses the element of Fire for combat, utilizing powerful bursts of flames rather then streams or projectiles. He also has a rush attack which allows him to jump into the air and fly towards the foe in random directions, dealing slash damage with contact.

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Demon Flame-

Psychic Wave-

Devil Grenade-


Creation Information Edit

DemonKing's base is an edit of ShadeMan.EXE from the Megaman Battle Network series.

Demonking (TOME) Edit

Tome demonking by kirbopher15-d4ts7x8

Demonking from TOME

Personality Edit

In TOME, Demonking keeps the same design and name from TTA, and even maintains some traits from the original. He has a much darker past than most characters regarding the continuation of his education. Similar to TTA, Demonking and Nylocke have quite a relationship that is highly built upon in some episodes and a short.

Role in the series Edit

Demonking serves as one of the hackers who work for D-Buggers. He is introduced in Episode 3: Highest Form of Flattery along with Ravenfreak. He is one of the few hackers who quits causing trouble after their mission is complete.

Extra Information Edit

Demonking is voiced by Anthony Sardinha, who is known for his work on Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged and YIIK.