The D-bug is a virus of unknown origin and incredible power.

D Bug by Kirbopher15

First Form

Role in the SeriesEdit

The D-Bug appeared during TOME in its early days as a massive wave of purple flame that scorched the Purple Cave Region. Zetto and EXE witnessed this event and co-founded the infamous D-Bug organization in order to harness this power. The D-Bug would later attach itself to an unknowing Kirbopher15 due to its name (1111 in binary translates to 15). It made its first reemergence after Kirb got 1111 EXP and systematically possessed him similarly to how Kagemamouru did with Alpha. He later learned to control this during the Netking battles after the Webmaster fired a deletion beam at him, using this power to defeat several of the Webmasters. This ability was later used during the final battle against Kagemamouru to help defeat the monster. In season 2, the creature's origin is explained, along with the truth of its existence, Kirb would use this to help defeat the Demon Zetto, but it gained control once again and manifested itself as a massive dragon with Kirbopher15 sticking out of the forehead. It promptly declared itself and its search for the "Great One" and races onto the TOME server to search for this (in actuality 10 virus-fragments held by EXE) where it merges with the main server and increases in strength exponentially. It is ultimately brought down by the combined efforts of Alpha and Zetto, while weakened telepathically by the assimilated Kirbopher.

Super D Bug by Kirbopher15 (1)

Final Form (Combined with the Motherboard)