Real Name:
#Slime Bomb
  1. BB Fist
  2. Muck Armor
  3. Gel Dragon

Role in the seriesEdit

The first enemy encountered in TTA. He is only in episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3 of the first season. He later comes back in episode 63
Bling Bling Profile

Bling Bling, as of Season 3.


For the first part of the series, BlingBling was considered cold, calculating and laid back, however when he returned in Season 3, he developed a wild side, placing his own safety in danger while he and his sister, Splat, are on the run from the police.


BlingBling has a variety of slime based attacks. Some include throwing slime balls, creating geysers of slime, throwing electric slime puddles, creating large dragons of slime which he calls "Gel Dragons", and his ability to take in a large amount of slime and become more obese, increasing his attack and defense.


  • Slime Bomb: Throws a large blob of slime on the opponent.
  • BB Fist: Attacks with an enlarged fist, causing great damage.
  • Muck Armor: Takes in a large amount of slime, transforming into a obese state, increasing power and defence, but becomes slower.
  • Gel Dragon: Summons a large dragon head created by pure slime able to move freely on the user's area. The dragon can use certain attacks, firing mini slime bombs of its own and biting the opponent.

Creation Information Edit

His sprites were based on Rainbow Devil from the Megaman Zero series. He is voiced by Nick Tiner.

Doubling (TOME)Edit

Personality Edit

In TOME, BlingBling becomes Doubling (a combination of the words "double" and "bling"), still boasting the same design and personality as before. Doubling is only seen in Episode 1: You've Gotta Virus (and TOME Short 1: Hackers) as one of the two hackers that engage with Alpha. Doubling is a teenager/young adult who is clearly into sports. He has a major attitude and doesn't enjoy the company of his temporary cohort, Rockoon.

Doubling S1

Doubling from TOME

Role in the series Edit

Doubling is one of the many antagonists of TOME.

Extra Information Edit

Doubling is voiced by Edward Bosco, who is also known for his work on One Punch Man and Dust: An Elysian Tail.