Chris "Kirbopher15" Niosi is the creator of TV Tome Adventures. He is most well known for his Parody Rangers series which is highly rated at He has moved onto bigger projects since TTA season 3 ended and now no longer has any intention of doing season 4. He had said that he was just going to do a movie or two to finish off the series, but later decided he was going to completely leave TTA as it is. Even with a great deal of fan pressure he will not be doing anything TTA related again. The main reasons being that he does not care for the series anymore, that people are looking down on him for making it, and that he does not have enough time to work on it.

His response to his fan communityEdit

When emailed by Tails Clock, the owner of this wiki and the creator of the TTA fan forum, to inform him of these fan-sites he responded as such:

You do not have my permission to make your own TTA Episodes under any circumstances. Also, there's no point in having a forum, nor a wiki, for a cancelled series.
Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi
Creator, Writer, Animator and Character Designer of "TvTome Adventures" Christopher Niosi 22:55, 20 October 2008 (UTC).[1]

Though it is shown and proven that fans do not just disappear after a series has ended and will try to band together, just like with the Dragon Ball Series. Regardless of what Chris says, Tails Clock will not be removing the forum or wiki. Now he is making a revival series known simply as the (T)errain (O)f (M)agical (E)xpertise, or TOME, which starts off at episode 1 all over again with several revisions to character designs, story, and the most noticable differences, voice acting and drawn animation.


  1. will be replaced with real citation later.
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